I’m Very Into You

Kathy Acker, renowned feminist and queer writer, and McKenzie Wark, media theorist and scholar, share an intimate relationship via e-mail in Acker’s book I’m Very Into You: Correspondence, 1995-1996. Adapted for the stage by director Sara Lyons, IVIY focuses on desire, sexuality, power dynamics, and above all human connection in the rise of our digital age. The production has been reworked to include local queer artists on stage wherever it is performed, and uses a flexible sound design to accomodate the many different settings it has been performed in. The design integrates with live camera confessionals from the actors.

Written by Kathy Acker and MacKenzie Wark
Adapted and Directed by Sara Lyons
Sound Design: Aaron Landgraf
Video and Projection Design: Adam J. Thompson